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From the creators of Tespo Vitamins® and Smile Bariatric®, we would like to welcome you to Perigon Pharmacy 360.

Thank you for your interest in a clinical study with Perigon Pharmacy 360! We're proud to introduce Medesto, our digital platform that helps solve the growing issue of medication nonadherence.

To enroll, click the Sign Up link below to complete the patient intake form. Within 2 weeks, our team will contact you to confirm eligibility and assist you with prescription transfers and dispenser and medication delivery.

Thank you for your consideration and your assistance in helping Perigon Pharmacy 360 improve medication adherence and generate better health outcomes for you!

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What You Need

Smart Phone

iOS or Android Mobile Device (Not Compatible with Tablets)

WiFi Access

Wireless Internet Connection for the Medesto Dispenser

1-4 Oral Prescriptions

Taken Daily at the Same Time

Rx Transfer

Your Medications Filled, Delivered, and Supported by Perigon Pharmacy 360
What We'll Provide

The Medesto Dispenser

We'll Provide You a Dispenser with Compatible Medication Pods

The Medesto App

For Tracking Your Medication Adherence & Overall Health Goals

Pharmacist Support

You'll Have 24/7 Access to a Perigon Pharmacy 360 Clinical Pharmacist

Weekly Journal

For Documenting Your Experience with the Medesto Health Platform 


Better Adherence, Better Health Outcomes

Our easy-to-use Medesto Health Platform makes your life simple, so you can concentrate on the things that matter most. Your medication is organized in our medication pods, dispensed via the Medesto Dispenser, and tracked in the Medesto App.

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*Restrictions May Apply

Signing Up

Patient Information Needed

In order to determine eligibility to participate, we will request some additional information, including:

  • First & Last Name
  • Home Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Insurance Information*
  • BIN, PCN, Group, and ID Number
  • Pharmacy Phone Number
  • Medication Name(s) & Dosage, Including Vitamins
  • Prescribing Physician Phone Number
*If possible, please include a photo of both sides of your insurance card. Patient will be responsible for all applicable co-pays.
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Enrollment Deadline

Please submit the online enrollment form no later than Friday, September 10, 2021.

Patient Support

For any other questions, please contact our Customer Care team at 844.571.0556 or fill out a form here.

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