Reflections from Asembia 2023

Considered one of the most anticipated events in the healthcare industry, Asembia’s Specialty Pharmacy Summit draws thousands of the nation’s leading pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry decision-makers to its annual conference. Each year, stakeholders from around the country gather to share new ideas, understand challenges, and define the future of healthcare with meaningful, innovative solutions for patients.

And this year’s AXS23 event did not disappoint.

Hosted once again at the Wynn and Encore in Las Vegas, the Summit had a strong presence of digital companies introducing innovative concepts and products as technology continues to charter new paths for the healthcare industry. The conference was also buzzing with exciting new attendees looking to disrupt the pharmacy market including the likes of retail behemoth Amazon and their latest healthcare company, Amazon Pharmacy, as well as billionaire Mark Cuban representing his organization Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company.

Booths from 167 organizations lined the exhibit halls including many health tech companies displaying new products ranging from digital coolers for specialty drug packaging to patient-facing prescription apps. Breakout sessions were also filled with some of the industry’s brightest minds discussing topics such as current specialty pharmacy trends, best practices, emerging therapies and more.

Perigon Pharmacy 360’s very own President, Chris Antypass, participated in a panel discussing “The Expanding Role of Data for Patient Insights and Cost of Care Management.” During this talk, Chris described Perigon’s suite of digital devices and how “We’re getting our own sets of data and intervening in real-time.”  He goes on to explain “We have an infrastructure where we can intervene and influence the outcome.  The outcomes matter. Just getting credit for what you did is not good enough. We see the market is going to demand an outcomes-focused approach and we take ownership and accountability for that outcome.”

Not only was the panel discussion regarded as forward thinking, there was also an overwhelming turnout at Perigon Pharmacy’s Expect More Event where the company unveiled its latest digital health device, Medesto Go.  Industry leaders praised the new portable technology for its cutting-edge innovation and the company’s commitment to developing revolutionary products and services that drive exponential change and advance the future of patient care.

A Perigon Pharmacy patient, Jim Vitro, also spoke at the event and applauded the company for its easy- to-use digital tools and on-demand patient support, stating “I’ve never felt so involved in my care.”  Jim further expressed that his physician was extremely happy he’s using Perigon Pharmacy 360’s services. His provider indicated it was easier and quicker to manage Jim’s diseases given he has access to Jim’s regularly checked vitals and medication adherence.

As the week wrapped up, meaningful information was shared and new partnerships were made.  These collaborations will continue to shape the pharmacy industry and provide consumer-driven, value-based care for patients to achieve the best possible outcomes and lead healthy lives.