Perigon Health 360 Partners With Seqster to Deliver Patient-Centric Recruitment, Engagement, and Medication Adherence

August 3, 2021 • Plymouth, Michigan • San Diego, California

Precision Digital Pharmacy powered by 360° Patient Health Data Platform

Seqster PDM Inc. ("Seqster"), the pioneer in patient-centric healthcare data technology, announced today its partnership with Perigon Health 360™, LLC (“Perigon”) the innovator of Precision Digital Pharmacy, a new category combining innovative technology solutions with high-touch pharmacy services.  This partnership will align pharmacists, providers, patients, and their caregivers to improving medication adherence and clinical outcomes, while transforming the patient journey.

Perigon’s Precision Digital Pharmacy will utilize the Seqster technology to provide a real-time, 360-degree patient view enabling them to remotely dispense the right medication with the right dosage at the right time for patients. The combined enterprise solution will capture connected patient health data in real-time, reducing the time and cost of medical record collection across multiple provider EHRs and remote monitoring devices. In addition, it will allow patients and their caregivers to access vital medication regimen information to help support adherence, reducing the caregiver burden.

“Perigon Health is excited about all the opportunities this partnership with Seqster provides.  We will now have access to real-time, disparate digital health data in one central location,” stated Ted Mills, CEO of Perigon Health 360. “This repository of information is invaluable to our patients and brings together the myriad of players that make up the healthcare ecosystem to put the focus primarily on the patient experience. This leads to improved health outcomes and faster drug discovery.”

For pharma and life science enterprise sponsors working in the clinical research space, the Seqster-Perigon Health 360 partnership paves the way to improved study participant engagement and retention, as well as medication adherence. Researchers and study coordinators will be able to benefit from valuable real-time data that continuously feeds into future trials to lower costs, while enhancing clinical trial efficiency and effectiveness.

“Seqster provides a turnkey platform for solving real-time, real-world data challenges with minimal partner IT resources required,” said Ardy Arianpour CEO & Co-Founder of Seqster.  “Our patient-centric interoperability solution streamlines and standardizes data flows, creating new revenue streams with partners, and enables a better overall healthcare experience.“

About Seqster

Seqster is a SaaS-based healthcare technology company that enables organizations to drive efficient healthcare via comprehensive medical records (EHR), individual genomic profiles (DNA), and personal health device data. Its platform solves the challenge of siloed data in healthcare by providing a seamless, real-time solution that takes multi-dimensional, disparate healthcare data and provides a 360-degree view of a member or patient. The Seqster solution can be used to solve a multitude of data challenges across the healthcare continuum including clinical trial recruitment and tracking, patient on-boarding, data transparency regulations, population health initiatives and patient engagement. Seqster is privately held and headquartered in San Diego.

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About Perigon Health 360

Perigon Health 360 is a digital healthcare company that created a proprietary platform that gathers self-reported patient data with medication usage in order to improve medication adherence and, clinical outcomes, and while providing much needed information not currently available to all care teams.  Through Perigon’s Medesto platform, Perigon Health 360 further supports the Precision Digital Pharmacy model with our own specialty and traditional care pharmacy, Perigon Pharmacy 360. Together, Perigon Pharmacy 360 is redefining the manner in which patients interact with the critical role of the Pharmacist by supporting pharmacy services to drive improved clinical outcomes and peace of mind for patients, providers, and loved ones.

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