Lifeboost and Vivaleas Merge to Form Perigon Health 360™️; Coupling High Touch Pharmacy Care with Innovative Technology

June 24, 2021 • Plymouth, Michigan

The new partnership will combine high-touch pharmacy solutions with ground-breaking technology to improve medication adherence and drive improved clinical outcomes.

Michigan-based Lifeboost, Inc. and Pennsylvania-based Pharmacy Valeda Rx (a Vivaleas company), finalized a merger on June 3, 2021, to form Perigon Health 360TM, LLC. This new entity will include three divisions: Tespo Vitamins, Baritastic, and Perigon Pharmacy 360 (formerly known as Valeda Rx). Valeda Rx is licensed to serve all 50 states and the District of Columbia. and is dually accredited with both URAC & ACHC.

The executive management team for Perigon Health 360 consists of industry experts in pharmacy, healthcare, and technology, including Don Howard, Chairman of the Board, Ted Mills, CEO, Mark Carroll, CFO, Shannon Hastings, CTO, and Genese Hendrickson, CEO of Perigon Pharmacy 360.

Perigon Health 360 creates an exciting innovative platform for medicine, transforming how patients and pharmacies interact by coupling innovative technology solutions with high-touch pharmacy services to create a new category: “Precision Digital Pharmacy”. This patient care platform utilizes advanced data gathering to close the information loop by monitoring patient’s real-time medication compliance. This will enable greater collaboration between patients, pharmacists, and providers.

Among its many ground-breaking benefits, the patient care platform facilitates and tracks medication adherence, captures digitally generated health data, and uses this information to increase medication adherence by modifying human behavior. The result is unique patient insight, improved patient health, and lower costs for patient plans and providers.

At launch, Perigon Health 360 will employ more than 50 professionals, representing significant experience in the healthcare, pharmacy, and SaaS industries. Its employees will be situated throughout the US with primary locations in Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Orlando. The company expects to hire an additional 25 software engineers, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and nurses over the next year to help support its rapid growth.

“We are redefining how pharmacies are viewed by clinicians, patients, and loved ones,” Mills said. “Our goal is to improve health outcomes by helping patients understand their medication better, identify side effects more quickly, provide peace of mind and make it easier for people to remember when to take their medication by using our patented technology to identify needs and support patient care coordination.”

Perigon Health 360 aims to become the most data-driven pharmacy platform in the world by leveraging advanced, personalized digital healthcare data to improve patient education and medication compliance.

“We will obtain digital health data and in-home data from our patients to form the most comprehensive patient medication management system in the world,” Hendrickson said. “The information gained from this process can help clinicians, patients and caregivers monitor medication side effects and measure adherence, as part of a comprehensive care plan that engages multiple trusted clinicians and family members to ensure adherence and deliver better outcomes.”

The platform will allow any approved patient caretakers (spouses, children, parents; etc.) to access vital medication regimen information to help support adherence. With medication non-adherence costs estimated to hit approximately $300 billion annually in the U.S., this data will further support payors who are often negatively impacted by growing non-adherence rates. All collaborative data is shared securely and safely among only the relevant parties.

“It’s that precision level data that is so critical today…some patients are on multiple medications, all of which have different directions for use and expectations,” Howard said. “Perigon Health 360 has managed to create a truly unique digital health platform, and with the addition of Perigon Pharmacy 360, it creates a built-in supply chain for adherence.”

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Louie Katsaros
Marketing Manager for Perigon Health 360