April 2022 • Plymouth, Michigan

Adherium’s transformative digital health devices will be incorporated into Perigon’s Medesto Drug and Therapy Monitoring Platform.

On its mission to become the leader in medication therapy monitoring Perigon Health 360 announces it will begin working with best-in-class medical device company, Adherium, to bring its digital inhaler products Hailie to the Medesto Drug and Therapy Monitoring Platform.
Perigon’s Medesto platform connects digital medication dispensing devices, medical records and digital physiological devices to provide a comprehensive view of patient health, behavior and risk profile. Perigon’s Medesto Health Enterprise Platform was created to provide Precision-tailored care that benefits patients, caregivers and doctors. Adherium’s Hailie® sensor technology and cloud-based data platform enables Perigon’s clinical team to optimally manage patients with difficult-to-treat, severe asthma and COPD, while reducing direct and indirect healthcare costs.
“Adherium’s goal is to improve clinical outcomes and exacerbation prevention by elevating the quality of clinical care with real-time data thereby driving down healthcare costs,” said Adherium CEO Rick Legleiter. “Incorporating our Hailie® digital product portfolio with Perigon’s Medesto Health Enterprise Platform is an exciting collaboration creating a truly breakthrough respiratory digital health solution accelerating our joint commercial success.”
Regardless of disease state, it is widely recognized that medication therapy compliance tends to be approximately 55% and deteriorates further if there are co-morbidities. Perigon has built a platform designed to drastically be improve medication adherence using digital technology. Perigon 360’s current patient population is currently exceeding the target adherence rate of 85%. Similarly, Adherium’s Hailie Solution is independently shown to increase adherence to preventative medication by 180% in children and 59% in adults, reduce severe exacerbations in adults by 60% and contribute to significant improvements in quality of life for people with chronic asthma. The effectiveness of the Hailie® platform has been demonstrated 42 clinical trials involving over 14,000 adults and children.
The Medesto App provides real-time health data on various metrics. It also closes the information gap between patients, loved ones and healthcare providers with a combination of specialized pharmacy services, real time human behavior monitoring, medical record aggregation, patient education and clinical team oversight.
By implementing Perigon 360 into their practices, physicians will improve patient care by gaining access to seamless and scalable patient adherence monitoring through the web-based portal. This is exceptionally advantageous when considering new developments from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services related to reimbursement for monitoring patients and their medication therapy.
Improving medication adherence, enhancing and simplifying patient-physician communication and streamlining the prescription process aren’t just for someday—They can happen now with Perigon 360. To learn more, visit Perigon Health 360’s website.
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