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Our Compass Care Total Cost containment solution offers elevated pharmacy care, evidence-based interventions and real-time data driven insights to maximize your healthcare dollars for patients on specialty medications.

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Elevated Pharmacy Care

Our technology platform automates regular, proactive patient assessments to evaluate therapy effectiveness and identify potential adverse drug events. By actively engaging with patients, we ensure their medication is working as intended.

Multiple touchpoints. Meaningful engagement.

Compass Care regularly engages with patients each month; a frequency that is ~10 times greater than typical prescriber visits each year.1 We leverage every interaction to make sure each patient’s treatment is optimized.


Evidence-Based Interventions

At Compass Care, we leverage data-driven decision-making to monitor patient progress and ensure high-cost therapies deliver expected results. If a treatment falls short, we intervene to prevent future complications while making sure physicians and patients are on the same page.

Real World Program Savings

“Our evidence-based approach demonstrates a significant reduction in drug and medical costs over time, highlighting the economic value of our program in managing chronic conditions."


Maximizing Healthcare Dollars

At Compass Care, we ensure your healthcare dollars are used wisely. Our cutting-edge monitoring tools track quality and utilization metrics allowing us to optimize treatment strategies. Plus, we provide you with data-driven insights on trends and cost-saving opportunities, empowering you to make informed decisions that shape the future of healthcare.
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Our Promise

We work closely with you, our Payor clients, to ensure that patients receive the best medical and financial assistance for their needs.

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