At Perigon Pharmacy 360, we provide a focused approach and revolutionary health technology that improves outcomes for patients and lowers the net costs for our payor clients.
Perigon Pharmacy 360 utilizes the Medesto Health Platform to capture and relay data that effectively improves adherence and health outcomes for your members.


The Medesto Health Platform

In 2019, health care spending was at a stifling 3.8 T

Our proprietary Medesto Health Platform captures measurable health data that is actively monitored by our pharmacists to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

Medesto tracks doses taken or missed, monitors side effects, and provides a 360° view of a patient’s overall health, effectively resulting in reduced hospital visits, lower costs, and minimal waste.
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Our Promise

We work closely with you, our Payor clients, to ensure that patients receive the best medical and financial assistance for their needs.

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