About Us

Our Mission
Our mission is to deliver the best healthcare solution, right into the home, by providing personalized patient support and 360° digital health visibility for improved outcomes and peace of mind for all.

At Perigon Pharmacy 360, we are focused on building meaningful relationships with our patients, caregivers, prescribers, and partners. Through clinical expertise, personalized services, and a willingness to go the extra mile, we help improve the lives of those we support.
Our Story

Since 2017, Perigon Pharmacy 360 (formerly Valeda Rx) has been working to provide care and support to those in need. As an independent specialty pharmacy, we service patients in all 50 states, plus D.C., and are focused on helping improve the patient experience through digital health technology, caregiver awareness, provider engagement, and clinical support of our Care Teams.

Perigon Pharmacy 360 offers our dedicated Care Teams to support patients living with complex and chronic specialty, rare, and traditional conditions. For a complete medication drug list, click here.

Whether a complex rare disease, neurological disorder, cancer, autoimmune, hypertension, CVD, or Diabetes, we have a solution to provide end-to-end pharmacy support for our patients. Whether you are a patient, caregiver, prescriber, or partner, you will receive the type of independent care and service you need and deserve.

Redefining Pharmacy
We're changing the way people think about digital pharmacy and adherence with a strong commitment to the entire healthcare community from our patients to prescribers to partners.


Our focus is on you, for you, working with you. We provide personal attention from caring, knowledgeable professionals, treating you as though you were our family.


We provide a disciplined and focused approach that effectively improves outcomes for patients and lowers the net spend for our payor clients.


We are a committed extension of your practice, assisting patients through day-to-day disease management, adherence support, payer insurance, and patient education.


Whether it's a new drug launch or managing the continuity of care, we ensure patients begin treatment and monitor their progress to make certain they complete their regimen.


Genese Hendrickson

"Our patients are truly at the core of what we do. We work to bridge the gap that exists for patients today and support them in every aspect of their medication journey with a comprehensive care plan that ensures adherence and delivers better outcomes."

Pharmacist In Charge • PERIGON PHARMACY 360

Michael DePaz

"At Perigon Pharmacy 360, we are working to enhance the patient experience through our new digital health platform. Our patient-centric model has always been the most important part of what we do, and we are proud to offer additional capabilities to our patients, providers, and partners. We know we will continue to positively impact health outcomes, one patient at a time."

Perigon Pharmacy 360 is dually accredited with both ACHC & URAC, which exemplifies our commitment to quality and excellence. Qualifying for dual accreditation means that we are providing the highest level of quality in our clinical support and patient care services.
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